Large-Sized Van

To see characteristics select the image. Van with load space dimensions L 470cm x W 170cm x H 180cm

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At ZOOTRANSFER we aim to offer a leading-edge service that sets us apart from the rest. Therefore our vehicles and trailers are not just adapted to be compliant with the requirements of current legislation in terms of cooling systems, visualisation of animals during the journey, GPS location systems, etc. 


In addition, our vehicles are also adapted with:



- Fibre-glass panel lining for easy cleaning and above all disinfecting between journeys, in order to avoid cross-infections and ensure maximum hygiene.

- Inside lining in white with "intense daylight" lighting.


- Oxygen system in the load compartment to offer supplementary oxygen for those animals that need it, whether in situations of hypoxia due to hyper-excitement or because of medical requirements.


- Humidifier. The cold setting of the air conditioning system dries out the atmosphere. By using the humidifier we reduce the incidence of post-journey respiratory conditions.


- Automatic diffuser for the application of calming pheromones.


-Video recording of the load compartment throughout the journey. Thus, on arrival clients are handed a pen drive with everything recorded on video, from collection to delivery.




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